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23/0631/VOC | Variation of Condition 2 (approved drawings) of approval 12/1426/FUL (Alterations and roof level redevelopment to provide 13 flats with associated access and communal facilities) to alter the height and internal layouts. | 130 Fore Street Exeter Devon EX4 3JQ
  • Total Consulted: 209
  • Comments Received: 142
  • Objections: 141
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Daniel Paul Marshall (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Wed 05 Jul 2023

To those concerned,

My name is Daniel and I live on New Bridge Street. I would like to add my voice to those who are not in favour of this "development" of the area. I object for a number of reasons.

Firstly, when any road or maintenance work is happening it is a huge noise disturbance for us. This affects us as we cannot get any peace most of the time. We accept the noise of the street and even appreciate it. But this will be a building site. Which will no doubt mean months of noise.

Secondly, it is not in harmony with the ambience of Fore Street. We already have the student flats and the Holiday Inn looming at the periphery. This will be in the heart of Fore Street and cannot possibly hope to merge it's own aesthetic with that of the surrounding area. And moreover, align itself with the tradition of Fore Street as a street filled with independent, colourful businesses. And would anyone in their right mind want to threaten the closure Crankhouse? They roast some of the best coffee I have ever tasted.

Thirdly, I have no trust in the affordability of the apartments. Affordable housing is simply not plentiful and is seldom the intention of developers. Why would it be? Politicians hate establishing the criteria whereby people can afford to live somewhere. Rent is exorbitant and we are still in a financial crisis. It's maddening at this point to not be building housing people can actually afford.

I do not mean my strong objection to be an attack on the person who reads this email. Nonetheless I would like to stress that I profoundly object to this going forward.

Gillian Lerwill (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Tue 04 Jul 2023

To whom it may concern

I would like to object to the proposed development on 130 Fore Street, Exeter for the following reasons;

1. The proposed additional building height is not in character with the area, especially as this is a conservation area surrounded by many listed and historic buildings. The proposed changes will ruin iconic views of Exeter.

2. The negative impact on residents as the changes will mean the homes on West St. will be extremely overlooked with a lack of
privacy and substantial loss of light. This could affect the value of their properties causing undue stress and mental health impacts ti Exeter residents.

3. The potential loss of three thriving independent businesses. The proposed replaced commercial spaces are far too small. Exeter needs a diversity of spaces to accommodate all types of businesses.

4. The loss of Crankhouse coffee, which is a thriving business, providing an important space for locals and visitors alike to socialise and meet. This has been a personal haven for me in terms of positive mental health post Covid lockdowns.

5. The proposed flats will NOT be Affordable Housing. From the planning document: "ECC has accepted that no Affordable Housing requirement is generated." In the current climate how is this an acceptable situation?

6. Disruption to the local area during development in an already restricted one-way street. I have personally witnessed businesses and residents having issues receiving deliveries because of the congestion on that street at certain times of day. Developing that area will mean street closures causing huge impacts.

Please do not allow this proposed development, which clearly has a number of negative affects to numerous people, and only one potential positive (profit) to a single developer.

Many thanks for your time.

Further Comments Submitted by emails:
West Quarter is a unique, atmospheric, historic area with independent shops and glorious views.
Crankhouse coffee is situated in the heart of this community and located perfectly to encourage the visitor to discover more in this beautiful city.
Ever walked the back streets of Rome and been drawn in by the delectable smells of fresh coffee and baking cakes. This is what is offered here, out of the way from the usual humdrum of the high street. The experience is wholesome: the service, setting, clientele and environs to be treasured.
Please don't break this magical part of the city and reject this proposed development.

Artemis Crowley (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Tue 04 Jul 2023

I'd like to make an objection to this planning proposal: 23/0631/CONR

Phil Kendall (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Mon 03 Jul 2023

I am writing to object to the proposed planning permission at the above address.

I own Rochelles curtains at this address.

I employ 7 local people at this business.

If the planning went ahead ,I would not be able to operate from a central location as I do now with the space I need to run such a business and I would be forced to lose 4 members of staff.

Gary And Josephine Taylor (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Mon 03 Jul 2023

See documents

Hollie Gilbery (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Mon 03 Jul 2023

See documents

Mr Jake Hobbs (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Sun 02 Jul 2023

I object on the grounds of failing to see how this will benefit the West Quarter, a historic area which is a hub of thriving local businesses. Adding multiple stories will detract from the from the historic beauty of the street, as well as the apartments themselves not being affordable housing, which the city is in dire need of. The main objection will be the closure of 3 local businesses which are well established and loved by many. Furthermore, the narrow streets and one way systems already cause traffic issues, and lengthy closures/restrictions of the roads will definitely impact greatly on pedestrians and road using traffic.

Mrs Marie Buckfield (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Sun 02 Jul 2023

I object to the proposed development at 130 Fore Street, Exeter for the reasons given below, and would welcome an open forum discussion with developers and investors.

Reducing current businesses to unsuitable smaller spaces will cause undue hardship, stress and suffering to them and potentially cause them to need to fold or move. This could be seen as an eviction by stealth.

The current surrounding properties will suffer issues with reduced light and privacy if the increase in stories to no. 130 is permitted.

The new proposals are not in keeping with this local area of great historic and cultural interest, including sites such as The House That Moved, St Mary Steps Church, The Matthew the Miller Clock, the blue plaque home of Mary the Pigeon and the historic West Street steps themselves that lead directly from Rochelle's at the front of 130 Fore Street to the Crankhouse basement entrance around the corner.

Infrastructure considerations? Eg1, water: Fore Street already struggles terribly with effective water and sewerage services, see South West Water for further information... see the number of times they've been called out to deal with leaks and blockages here.

Infrastructure eg2: public transport, parking for private transport. There's very little parking here. Bus services are extremely noisy here already and 13 extra dwellings would add to the demand for both vehicle parking and noisy, heavy buses.

Infrastructure eg3: refuse services
Current residents already do not have enough space to store their refuse while waiting for the fortnightly collections. Bags of refuse get left on the pavements and are strewn across the street by wildlife. Add the building works into the mix and we are looking at a real mess.

Infrastructure eg4: medical services. Local doctors' surgeries are already overwhelmed by demand for their services. The chance of getting an NHS dentist are so slim there's a page for it on How will 13 new households find a doctor or dentist?

No affordable housing at all? Especially in the city of Exeter, blighted by homelessness, antisocial behaviour and crime. We need investment in help down here, not investment in luxury property for new residents who might regret their purchase when they find out what it can really be like. We need to maintain and improve this West Quarter Community area so it can actually become its potential. With the RIGHT investment, from a group of people who truly care about the area, its history, its residents and its businesses, we could really put the West Quarter on the map for the BEST reasons. Maybe the developers and the council might be interested in this discussion? This area is potentially a much bigger draw for visitors than it currently manages, it just needs the RIGHT energy and investment.

I would be disappointed in a council that might shamefully put financial considerations before doing the right thing.

Consultations with local residents and businesses seem to be very necessary for this situation.

The previous planning application is out of date, where is the proof of 'works' carried out? I, amongst others, question this.

The negative effects of building work, scaffolding erected and road restrictions on local residents and businesses in Fore Street, West Street and New Bridge Street appear not to have been taken into consideration.

Our local community is already suffering the compound effects of Covid, Brexit, war in Ukraine and hikes in utilities and the general cost of living. Businesses are finding it tougher than ever in the last 20 years, as customers have less and less disposable income. This could be a nail in the coffin for some, then where will the local authority's income come from?

We must protect the West Quarter as a cultural community, let's talk about this.

Mr William Pearce (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Sun 02 Jul 2023

Do not agree with the removal of fantastic small business for unaffordable flats.

Mrs Catherine Myer (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Sun 02 Jul 2023

Threat to existing vital community resources provided by the existing roastery which offers not only an essential community hub but also an education centre and accessible opportunity for local people to meet in a non threatening environment, whilst also providing daily essential resources to those living and working in the area. This development threatens the existing infrastructure of the community by offering unnecessary resources to students who could be offered accommodation in a variety of other locations which would not necessitate removing existing and well used local resources.

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