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22/1145/FUL | Comprehensive redevelopment to deliver a new, mixed use neighbourhood, comprising demolition of existing buildings and construction of four residential-led mixed-use buildings of 2 to 6 storeys, including retail, café/restaurant and flexible commercial units (Class E), residential (Class C3) and co-living (Sui Generis) accommodation, pedestrian square and public realm, amenity areas, landscaping, access, parking, servicing and associated works. | Haven Banks Water Lane Exeter Devon EX2 8BY
  • Total Consulted: 712
  • Comments Received: 360
  • Objections: 353
  • Supporting: 5

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Ms Susan Fletcher (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Tue 05 Dec 2023

I wish to comment on the above planning applications.
With regard to the Safe Access and Egress of this site I understand that until a bridge over the railway line is built, which could be many years, it is now proposed that Water lane itself should be the safe route. However in this very week following the heavy downpours on Sunday and Wednesday the road and pavements on both sides of Water Lane were impassable under several inches of water. The area affected was outside numbers 3-9 Water Lane and the Painters Court properties 1-5 opposite. In a flood situation this is not a viable route.

Comment submitted date: Sat 11 Mar 2023

The scale of the proposed development is still disproportionate to the surrounding existing buildings it will overwhelm the area and distract from the historical aspect of the quay. The height will cause severe loss of light and privacy to homes in the surrounding residential streets. The monolithic appearance of the buildings and materials are not in keeping with those in the area.
There will certainly be an additional number of residents' vehicles all vying for parking spaces in the already congested surrounding streets, which has in some instances even now has compromised.
The traffic generated during both the construction stage and occupation of the development will cause a severe and negative impact on the already congested junction with Alphington street and impact the traffic flow over the Exe bridges.
The development does nothing to address the shortage of affordable housing or first home ownership.

Comment submitted date: Fri 09 Sep 2022

The proposed buildings are not in keeping with the historic nature of the area, and will loom over the surrounding residential properties having a severe and adverse impact on their privacy, daylight and sunlight. At 6 stories the buildings will be considerably higher than any others in the area and will totally dominate the visual aspect of this attractive tourist area. The loss of parking facilities will have an adverse impact on visitors to this historic area and the businesses on both the Piazza and the quayside and will exacerbate the parking problems already faced by local residents. The traffic generated by this development will further impact on the already overloaded junction with Haven Road and Alphington Street causing even more traffic jams on Exe bridges and backing up to the city.

Janine Whitely (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Wed 18 Oct 2023

I would like to put in an objection to the proposed development on Haven Banks road.

I appreciate that development needs to happen, however this is to tall for the surrounding area. There should be a restriction on the height. 6 floors is too much. If it was not any higher thank the buildings already there then it would be in keeping with the local historic area.

Also, if the properties being built are not available for local people then why build it. It will end up being full of people from outside of Exeter whom
can afford to live in such a nice place, rather than making affordable housing for locals, or even adding a facilities like a cottage hospital which would increase the health and well being for the local population, especially as there is so much building around Exeter.
Why not look after the locals and do the right ethical thing rather than line the pockets of an investor whom will profit from this build rather than add value by making the properties affordable for the local community.

Eric & Susan Berggren (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Tue 25 Apr 2023

I would like to state my objection to the revised plans foe application 22/1145. First, the proposed height of 6 stories is far too high for that area of the city and will be an eyesore in the historic Quay area. This area is being tastefully developed around the canal and these proposed buildings will tower over the surrounding properties like a monstrosity. Please keep the hight down to a similar level as the existing residential buildings.
Secondly, if this is to be an inclusive development, where are the parking spaces for those of us that are of an age where we definitely can't cycle and can only walk short distances

Mrs Nicola Stone (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Tue 25 Apr 2023

I live in the at Thomas area and so very close to the proposed plans. Although I agree the area needs new plans and maybe limited housing I do not agreewith the proposed plans as they stand.
This will bring too much traffic to an already grid locked area, the amenities in this area doctor surgeries etc are already stretched and cannot offer reasonable doctors appointment now.
Apart from the fact this area will be ruined as one of the tourist attractions of the city .
I am a resident and I reject the planning permission for this area due to the unnecessary pressure it will put on this local community.

Lavinia Anne Walbridge (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Tue 25 Apr 2023

Objection received 12.03.2023 - Here we go again. Building yet more ugly high rise rabbit hutches on valuable publicly accessible land. What is it that makes you even entertain the prospect of destroying the quality of life around the quay. If you insist on Exeter without cars the answer is not to obliterate every car park and fill them with properties for existence rather than good healthy living. You will, by permitting this density of population actually successfully kill life around the canal basin. Thousands of people who enjoy the water sports, charity runs, cafes, restaurants and activities in that area utilise that car park especially in the summer but, more importantly, in winter when without easy accessibility all of these things would cease. Restaurants will fail, cafes close and businesses will go bankrupt.

So many people need access to flat walking. During weekdays in the lean winter months many of the folk availing themselves of a stroll and a coffee have to drive and park. If you remove all vestiges of accessibility the result is obvious. They will be driving to Exmouth ! This is so short sighted and destructive. Has nobody learnt the lessons of The Depot (Colditz !) and the Ambulance Station aberration and the ghastly life changing depression inflicted on residents of Sandford Walk. The same will no doubt befall residents of Higher Summerlands when the old Police Station is developed.

We have to stop and take a more balanced view of protecting the quality of life of Exeter rate payers ( and visitors and tourists). Develop our assets like the Canal Basin more sympathetically. Even the electric cars of the future need parking. That car park is perfect for keeping an accessible, affordable jewel of Exeter functioning in a beneficial way for everyone. Please resist the temptation to cover it all with the tenements of ten years time.

Further objection received 24.04.2023 - My name Lavinia Anne Walbridge (m. Brosinovich) 3 Lower Summerlands,
Exeter, EX1 2LJ. Should you wish to log my letter. I feel very strongly about the many weird developments taking place all around Exeter !
I used to drive my recently deceased husband to the quay most days. We greatly valued the quay and its accessiblity. If this area is built on we would not have been able to get there
at all. How sad that would have been and I am sure we were not alone in our appreciation of this wonderful area both for locals and visitors.

Jeremy And Eva Loysen (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Mon 24 Apr 2023

I strongly object to the proposed development. It is unthinkable that yet another eyesore on such a massive scale should be permitted to dwarf one of the very few remaining parts of Exeter's history and heritage, squeezing out the peace and tranquillity of the area. Where is your sensitivity to the style place? If you have to build yet more housing, do it in keeping with the area.
Eva Loysen

Andrea Gallagher (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Mon 24 Apr 2023

see objection Friends Exeter Ship Canal

Mr Chris Mumby (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Tue 18 Apr 2023

More flats (and students) in an inappropriate historic location. Density far too great.

Not a development for families, no outside space, inadequate provision for parking not only for the development but damaging for local businesses visitors.

The building is far too high and will dominate the locality not least the existing two and three story properties.

The Council needs to get a grip of this type of development which is becoming far too common in the city and ruining what used to make the town a pleasant place to live.

Mr Thomas Lammers (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Sat 01 Apr 2023

At 6 stories the proposed development would be to high and block light to the historic Quayside. The aesthetic must also be in keeping with the area. A maximum height of 4 stories should be considered, but only if there will be social housing, as well as green space and adequate parking.

Ms Veronica Mathieson (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Fri 31 Mar 2023

Further to my previous comments I have now discovered that there is an intention to cut down the trees in the car park opposite the Quay. There should be a public consultation about the destruction of the natural environment. Surely the council doesn't want a repeat of the angry protests in Plymouth.

I am so sad that planning officers do not consider local residents feelings about this over development. I have seen the pictures of the development towering over the local streets and houses with no consideration given for how this will impact of those living underneath. Why can't there be houses with gardens similar to the rest of the streets around this area.

Comment submitted date: Wed 08 Mar 2023

I strongly object to this proposal on the grounds of:

Size and Scale of Development is overwhelming the local housing stock .Mock ups of the development, showing how overpowering it would be to the local housing, can be found on the Exeter Digest website

At present here is only one road into the Haven Banks area
and so the impact of more traffic would make the area very inaccessible

Reduction of parking for local residents and visitors

It is really depressing that the developers have not listened to the objections from the residents the first time round.

A sympathetic stock of small houses to complement the local houses would be a welcome addition. There is a great opportunity to make an area in Exeter the envy of many other cities with gardens and parks similar to the development of Topsham Road.

A bridge over the railway line at the end of Welcome Street is beyond absurd. People need to see that this is a small cul-de-sac in a residential area.

Please can the City Council listen to residents.

Comment submitted date: Wed 14 Sep 2022

We are writing to strongly object to the submitted planning application ref: 22/1145/FUL
This proposal would cause wide-ranging negative impact to the local area and neighbouring residents. Also a lack of privacy and increase in noise.
- Scale and Appearance - 6 storey blocks will tower above the existing properties causing a lack of daylight. At present the social housing in Haven road runs to only 4 storeys so the level should be in keeping.
- Very concerned about the the proposed very limited parking. at present the only public bus runs at best every 20mins and sometimes not even twice an hour. Haven road is the only access to the area and often has a tail back to the lights at the Junction with Alphington road. this would be worsen by the development
On-street parking and car parks are already at a premium along Haven Banks.
Exeter sells the area as the 'Historic Quay ' but this development will overshadow the area taking away valuable car parking spaces, and spoiling the character of the area.

- The proposed development is clearly of a mass and density that is incompatible with the protection of heritage and character and therefore goes against Policy CP4 in the Exeter Core Strategy.
Other considerations:-
- It is not providing any affordable housing. Which is much needed for local working people to purchase.
- Additional pressure on the sewer system.
- Additional traffic detrimental to air quality.
- Detrimental noise impact, during construction and after.

Exeter with it's Historic Quay needs to be protected from mass over development of this scale. There is further development considered along the right side of the canal again with limited access to the area.
A more sympathetic development in keeping with the local housing around, providing green spaces and local amenities would be welcome as the proposed site is at present quite an eyesore.

Veronica Mathieson

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