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22/0477/FUL | Subdivision of the plot and construction of three detached homes to the rear of the existing building with associated parking and landscaping. | 396 Topsham Road Exeter Devon EX2 6HE
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Mr Ed Starkie (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Wed 02 Nov 2022

Representation - Objection - Ed Starkie (email received 01/08/2022 @ 13:51 hrs).

I understand that the consultation period for the above mentioned application has now closed, but my partner and I have only just moved into our property at 392 Topsham Road and it would appear that this application was submitted after the date when the local authority searches for our property would have been being carried out, which means that we were unaware of the application having been submitted.

I would therefore like to formally add our objection to the submitted application to those of our neighbours at numbers 390 and 394. As per comments from Mr Alderson, if a previous application to build dwellings in the garden at 396 has been refused and nothing has changed since that time, why would the Council now even consider approving a similar application?

Having seen the diverse nature in the gardens of these properties (even in the short time we have been here), including woodpeckers, foxes and numerous bats (which are a protected species under UK law due to a significant decline in their population), I can only imagine the disruption and potentially permanent damage that the building of 3 properties would cause to that ecosystem over the length of time it would take to construct them. I would hope that the Environmental Health team at the Council or even the Devon Wildlife Trust would be keen to do whatever is required to protect this wildlife and avoid contravening the law in this regard.

It also seems that the properties themselves would create a significant privacy issue for Mr Alderson, whose garden currently affords a high degree of privacy. The construction of 3 houses within a few metres of Mr Alderson's boundary will create serious overlooking issues as the fronts of the houses essentially look straight up his garden from the bottom towards the house. Not to mention the additional noise pollution caused by extra 3 properties adjacent to his garden (and we would expect to also be able to hear noise on our property as we can already hear crowds at the Beefeater pub as it is...).

Added to that, we are located some way from the roundabout and we still experience issues pulling in and out of our drive. The extra traffic exiting and entering the property within yards of the exit from Countess Wear roundabout where there are 2 lanes merging into one would therefore seem to present a not insignificant road safety issue and create a risk of accidents happening on the roundabout itself, leading to extensive traffic congestion for local traffic.

In short, this feels like an overdevelopment of the current property motivated by financial gain and not at all in keeping with the surrounding adjacent dwellings, potentially setting a dangerous precedent for future applications of this type and at risk of destroying significant natural habitats for wildlife.

I look forward to your thoughts on this application and hope that the Council will act responsibly and in the interests of the local residents and wildlife in this case.

Kind Regards

Ed Starkie

Mr Timothy Cox (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Sat 04 Jun 2022

I would object to application 22/0477/FUL being granted.
I believe the addition of three further dwellings within the given plot could constitute an over development of the site.
This application may also set a precedent of future developments of this nature being granted. With the probability of adjoining houses being overlooked.
Most dwellings along this stretch of Topsham Road have had rear extensions built, none of which have impacted on the adjoining properties. This has been the result of consultation with the local planning authorities.
There would also be additional traffic ingress and egress from these dwellings, which at present is not good given the close proximity of the Countess Wear roundabout.

Mr Peter Alderson (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Sun 29 May 2022

I write to formally lodge my objection with planning application 22/0477FUL - Subdivision of the plot and construction of three detached homes to the rear of the existing building.
*Topsham Road is characterised by large detached properties set back from the public highway within extensive plots including large rear gardens.
*Application propose 3 dwellings within the rear garden of the existing property. None of the proposed properties will have street frontage. The proposal is "Backland" development and would create overdevelopment of the site.
*No other properties within the area have been developed in such a way. The proposed Backland development would jar with the pattern of development and present a harmful impact on the character and appearance of the surrounding area.
*Development of this Backland nature would set a president and lead to intensification of the area.
*The three properties would create overlooking issues which would impact the amenity and result in loss of privacy of surrounding properties.
*Reference is made in 6.4 of the planning statement to 'planning permission has previously been granted for the formation of four homes on this site'. This is not completely correct, permission was granted for the extension and conversion of the existing building - not the creation of 3 new dwellings within the garden of an existing building. In fact a previous application to build dwellings within the rear garden of this property was refused and nothing to the surrounding area has changed since that decision was made.

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