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21/1940/OUT | Outline planning application for demolition of existing structures and construction of up to 30 no. residential units and associated infrastructure (Means of access to be determined with scale, layout, appearance and landscaping reserved for future consideration). | Land Adjacent To Newcourt Road Topsham Devon
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Mr David Baker (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Tue 01 Mar 2022

I object to the above planning application on the grounds of Newcourt Road being a narrow country lane and not a through road for cars. It is an advisory cycle path, and much used by children cycling to and from school, walkers and joggers. The construction of the new Strongvox and RBL houses, 34 so far but 16 more in the pipeline, is already making life extremely difficult for residents, cyclists and pedestrians and the extra traffic they will bring when occupied is of great concern. To build even more houses, potentially hundreds in neighbouring fields, would not be sustainable.

The local plan gives importance to landscape setting and states that hedges should be retained, not that the precious Devon banks be ripped out and replanted. This has happened already, wildlife habitat lost forever. Building on agricultural land and taking out hedges is a disastrous plan when brownfield sites could be built on.

David Baker, Newcourt Road resident

Mrs And Mr Gill Thorne (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Tue 01 Mar 2022

As a former resident of Newcourt road, I strongly object to the application to build 30 houses on green fields at the end of Newcourt road.

I frequently walk and cycle along this road and in the last few years since the Bloor homes have been built and those on the old Navel Depot the road has been becoming more and more busy with

those walking and cycling. It has been a safe route into Topsham and for commuting cyclists into Exeter and Sowton. As many as 15 children cycle every day to St Peters School .

I understand that there is no mains drainage in this area and having seen the disruption caused by the drainage work lower down the road this is a major problem.

Newcourt road was a quiet country no through lane, never designed for heavy lories and construction traffic which is proving very dangerous to pedestrians and cyclists .

I notice that the road has been made narrower opposite one of the sites making it one way traffic.

A new development will no doubt mean removing yet another of our Devon hedges which the country is now being told to preserve.

With all this new housing, when is the council going to designate a green country park in Topsham as in Dawlish and now the new development at Exminster/Alphington?

I ask our councillors to refuse this development and let us keep a small piece of our Green Gap which Exeter City council always said they would keep between Exeter and Topsham

Gill and Richard Thorne

Ms Jane Smith (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Tue 01 Mar 2022

Objection received 11.02.22 - See docs.

Mr And Mrs Victor And Sylvia Guest (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Tue 01 Mar 2022

Objections received 11.02.22 - See docs.

Mr Colin Atkinson (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Tue 01 Mar 2022

I object to this planning application on our semi rural lane. 2 agricultural fields have already been lost and built on by Strongvox and RBL and hedges removed. This planning application would involve yet another field being developed and would give the green light to all the others along the road. It would contravene the Local Plan and add to the already considerable urban sprawl in the area.
If SWW do not build a new sewer down to Exeter Road, a drain would have to be dug all the way along to the existing one at the rear of nos 21-27. This drain is 100 years old and in need of considerable upgrading, as admitted by SWW. Funding has not been put in place for this work as of yet and no date has been given when work could start.
The local infrastructure is under severe strain without any extra houses - Topsham Surgery and School are over subscribed and local roads and junctions congested.
This development would be completely out of keeping with the existing bungalows opposite and more traffic would be dangerous for the many walkers and cyclists that use Newcourt Road.
Exeter has built more houses than is required and to build surplus houses on precious green space would be a tragedy, and a departure from the Local Plan landscaping commitment.

Mrs Carolin Atkinson (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Tue 01 Mar 2022

This is a departure from the Local Plan - if planning permission is granted what is the point of a Local Plan?
Locally, residents feel very strongly about this application. Will the council recognise this and represent them, rather than prioritise the developers who stand to make huge financial gain?
There is an argument that despite the unconstrained house building all around us that we still need to build more houses, even if it means destroying precious green space and wildlife habitat. But Devon is actually building too many houses and the countryside is being ravaged as a result. According to the government's own figures Exeter over-delivered by 50% from 2015 to 2020 - i.e. 1,501 excess houses. And judging by all the increased construction going on, it looks as though this trend will continue. If this application goes to appeal, hopefully the figures for the next 5 years can be calculated to prove this.
We all know that the developers and construction companies have brownfield sites they could develop - these must be prioritised over meadows along country lanes. The report states that 'these hedgerows are of great ecological importance' yet one third of them will be ripped out under this plan. Just look at the Strongvox and RBL hedgerows. Surely the council recognises that the environment it now a major issue.
30 new houses, 76 car parking spaces - this development will not be sustainable, and will not help the council in its mission to 'encourage sustainable travel'. Our country lane is very popular with cyclists and pedestrians for recreation and commuting to school and work, but they would have to compete with huge construction vehicles and extra cars.
Carolin Atkinson (resident of Newcourt Road)

Ms Pamela Tolman (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Tue 01 Mar 2022

I wish to register a strong complaint with regards to the proposed housing development in Newcourt Road.
I fully understand that I am not a Topsham resident but live in Topsham Road Countess Wear and the area in question is one of the only green spaces the council have left us to walk and enjoy the fast disappearing countryside so feel very strongly indeed about the prospect of yet another housing development. How many more new buildings are you going to allow ?
The division between Topsham and Exeter is happening too much having already lost the Topsham gap, in spite of many protests and petitions and I wonder when the council will listen to the residents as opposed to greedy developers.
Apart from the loss of valuable green space there is also the problem of drainage and heavy traffic which is becoming intolerable so I would be most grateful if my objection could be added to the vast amount you have no doubt already received.

Ms Catherine Maguire (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Mon 14 Feb 2022

Objection via email - Caatherine Maguire - 14/02/22

"I would like to state my objections to the above planning application on the following grounds

Topsham has had more than its fair share of extensive housing developments over the past few years and the infrastructures is already struggling to cope regarding medical facilities, traffic, parking etc.and . The area in question would remove the final vestiges off the 'Topsham Gap' impact on the limited open space for recreation.

The increase in traffic along the long narrow winding road, already often compromised by parking problems and its only access via Denver road is precarious to say the least with no real pavements and made single track by parked cars.

The increasing urbanisation of this area limiting or compromising pedestrians and cyclists seems to go entirely against the green policy of the council."

Mr John And Judy Phillips (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Mon 14 Feb 2022

Objection via email - John and Judy Phillips - 13/02/22

"We object to the above development in this part of Topsham where there has already been a substantial increase in housing in recent years. This development will increase traffic congestion still further on local roads, especially Denver and Newcourt Roads, which we have noticed in recent years since we live at 6,Sunhill Lane, Topsham, EX3 0BR."

Ms Katherine Govier (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Mon 14 Feb 2022

Objection via email - 13/02/22

"I wish to object to planning application; 21/1940/OUT - Land adjacent to Newcourt Road.

Effect on parking, traffic & highway safety issues

Firstly, it must be pointed out that the Traffic Volume data (see point 2.39 in Vectos Transport Statement) is completely misleading as it refers to (arguably very poor) data from 2018.

As a resident of the road, I have observed how this lovely rural road has changed in the last few years. Even before work had started on the 2 large developments (Strongvox & RBL) the road had become busier with more vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians. The new pathway from the Burrington EX111 development has no doubt contributed to the increase in cyclists and pedestrians.

Vehicle traffic: Newcourt Road is a no through road with all traffic entering and exiting from Denver Road. The road is narrow, mostly single file, with no pavements in substantial parts and few passing places. Towards Denver Road the road is narrow with a blind corner. This is not only a safety risk to pedestrians and cyclists, but on a daily basis causes cars to back up. Pulling onto private drives or reversing back is the only way to allow traffic to pass. I have also witnessed vehicles reversing back onto Denver Road to allow vehicles to exit Newcourt Road, a safety risk which also impacts traffic flow on Denver Road.

The road is simply not suitable for increased vehicle traffic. The impact to current traffic volumes from the Strongvox and RBL developments is yet unknown, but many residents fear increased road blockages once these two developments are occupied.

Safety: There are a significant amount of safety risks to allowing any further development which would increase vehicle traffic through Newcourt Road to the junction on Denver Road.

The road is already hazardous in places. I witness families walking their children to school and frankly taking their life in their hands, especially at the lower end towards Denver Road where there are no footpaths. Cyclists are frequently dodging cars. I see cars pulling out of their drives onto the road and having near misses with other vehicles driving through the road. Assuming vehicle, pedestrian and cyclist numbers will increase further once the Strongvox and RBL developments are occupied, the road will become even more hazardous.

Furthermore, between 1 and 19 Newcourt Road (odds), most of the properties directly abut the highway. With no pavement, any increase in vehicle traffic poses an increased safety risk to these residents and their visitors.

What does the council consider a priority? The safety of its residents, or permitting even more development on a wholly unsuitable road.

Unless alternative vehicle access can be provided to serve this proposed development, this application should be refused.

Impact on Wildlife / Environment
Green fields are vital for providing a safe habitat for wildlife. We have already lost too many green spaces in Topsham in recent years, to remove this habitat will adversely affect an already threatened population of important wildlife. Any removal of green space and conversion to concrete housing is damaging to the environment.

National & Local Planning Policies
The local plan states that this land is not suitable for housing, any departure from this must not be allowed.

Thank you, Katherine Govier"

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