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19/1713/RES | The construction of 31 dwellings with associated gardens, parking and landscaping with vehicular access from Gloucester Road. (Approval of Reserved Matters of appearance, landscaping, layout and scale pursuant to planning permission reference no 17/1789/OUT granted on 7th January 2019). | Former Foxhayes Infant School Gloucester Road Exeter EX4 2EE
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Mr David Ellis (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Mon 17 Feb 2020

We are appalled to learn of these proposals. The thought that those lovely trees which we look at every time we look out of our windows are to felled and replaced with high rise properties is anathema to us.
It seems to us that the developer is bent upon filling in the last open spaces in this concrete jungle. Better improve the sites with grass and seating so that folk can sit, enjoy the extensive views and benefit from a sense of wellbeing.
There is already far too much traffic in the area and medical facilities are overstretched.

Mr David Brooks (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Mon 17 Feb 2020

I wish to register objections to the above applications as follows:

1 The layout of both developments are compact and crowded and whilst allowance seems to be made for one vehicle per house it is unlikely that that allowance will not be exceeded in time at most of the properties.
2 Even with no growth in traffic beyond one car per house the increase in traffic from the estate into the city will severely impact upon the already very congested access points, across the Red Cow Crossing at St Davids and onto the circulatory system
at Exe Bridges.
3 The exit for either of the estates is onto Gloucester Road which at the Foxhayes School site access is a bus route and for the whole of its length past both site entrances suffers domestic parking along the carriageway and considerable additional traffic
and parking at school start & finish hours.
4 A considerable number of children also walk to and from school and all the additional traffic from the estate will add to the road dangers that the children already face.

There are a goodly number of other matters that I could list but in my opinion the traffic issues as outlined above are the most critical. I therefore request that further consideration on those matters are given.

David Brooks

Mr D Frear (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Mon 17 Feb 2020

I would like to formerly object to the planning application above.

There are two issues for me and the impact it will create to my everyday life.

1. Looking at the plan there are no details to replace the fence that connects my property to the new site, this fence is not high enough and with the arrival of these houses at three stories they will be looking right into my property. The fence itself is in a bad state of repair and hasn't been maintained for at least twenty years.

2. Knowle Drive is a very busy road at peak times and this extra traffic will increase the danger outside of my house, sometimes it's a race track.

Please register this as a formal objection.

Thank you

Yours sincerely

Mr D Frear

Mr Peter O'Rourke (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Fri 14 Feb 2020

The area of the proposed development is already jam-packed with houses and vehicles, and Gloucester Road is especially busy given the location of the large primary school. While I do not object to the development of some new housing I think this needs to be done in moderation, with consideration to the needs of the community and with due sensitivity to the natural environment. Rather than pushing forwards with a profit-driven agenda of fitting in as many units as possible, any development should consult with the local neighbourhood about the needs of the community and establish how any development can contribute to enhancing life in Exwick, both for current residents and for anybody living in any new developments. Traffic and decent sized houses and gardens are of course a part of this, but other things need to be considered, including bus routes, parks, allotments, doctor's, shops, nurseries, schools, sports facilities, community spaces and local businesses.

Just last year, the council consulted the community on the proposed closure of several parks and green spaces across Exeter, including in Exwick. Thankfully it appears the council rowed back from that position, but they should go further, by ensuring these spaces are not only protected but are invested in and cared for. Any new developer should contribute to the upkeep and renewal of playgrounds, play spaces, green spaces, tree planting and the general improvement of the natural environment for the enjoyment of the residents and to support wildlife.

In the area of the proposed development there are many trees which support an abundance of wildlife including birds, bats and insects. It would be a travesty for these to all disappear just to build as many houses as possible in the space allotted. The council should also be looking at ways it can enhance the environment in Exwick for the local wildlife.

Any new development must minimise the impact of the construction on trees and wildlife and on the lives of the people living in the local community. A commitment to providing adequate green spaces and gardens for residents is also imperative.

Kind regards,

Peter O'Rourke

Mr Andrew Grey (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Fri 14 Feb 2020

I wish to object to this proposed development.

There are a number of issues that are not addressed within the proposal:

The proposed site is on the brow of a hill which slopes steeply away on three sides, it is highly visible from the surrounding neighbourhood and conservation area in the valley below. As a result, particular consideration should be given to:
The density of housing is not in keeping with the surrounding area.
The style of the proposed properties (multi-storey town houses) is completely out of character with those in the surrounding area.
Adequate consideration has not been given to privacy between the proposed buildings or to existing neighbouring housing. Fences on the site will do little to help, given the slope of the site.
The elevation and position of the site will directly overlook our house (and many other houses), in our case a fence or trees of over 20ft in height will be required to maintain acceptable levels of privacy and even if there were space to plant trees in our garden, it will take them over 15 years to reach this height.

Whilst efforts have been made to provide sufficient parking, it is my experience that any under-house parking soon becomes used for storage particularly when properties are crammed together and as a result, this scheme will cause further parking problems in and around the area. What will stop owners from using the under-house parking for storage or converting the parking into another bedroom?

Access in and out of the Exwick area is already at breaking point. A development of this size in this area should be subject to sorting out the access problems over the river & rail crossing. This level of development will turn what is currently a traffic nightmare into complete traffic hell.

Our local amenities are already overstretched what provisions are being included with this development to provide better parking at the local shops & increased capacity at both Exwick Surgery and Exwick Heights Primary school?

We need more open green spaces and trees within the city. Places where we can relax and where our children can play. This development looks to be removing a number of trees and what looks to be a tree with a preservation order on it. It also removes the possibility of what could be a nice park area.

Development in the Exwick area needs to adequately consider existing housing, access, parking, local facilities and, given the slope of the site, privacy - this proposal does not address these issues.

Yours Faithfully
Mr Andrew Grey

Mr Roy Russell (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Fri 14 Feb 2020

See saved PDF in documents.

Mr And Mrs Paul And Denise Stone (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Wed 12 Feb 2020

It was extremely disappointing to read of the density of the proposed development of the above two sites. Whilst appreciating these would be built on, we are concerned that enough thought as been given to the following points:

1. Insufficient parking spaces - 74 houses are going to create at least another 74 cars and in all probability a lot more.
2. There will obviously be a significant increase in traffic volume in/out and around Exwick.
3. Outline Planning failed to address the traffic problems in and out of Exwick given the train crossing and river. In our opinion it is bad enough as it is, without a further increase in traffic.
4. Gloucester Road, Higher Exwick Hill and Burrator Drive are used by children going to and from school - there are problems with people not only parking inconsiderately but also the speed at which cars are being driven around these roads now and this is only going to be exacerbated.
5. Local amenities are already over-stretched ie Doctors surgery/school.
6. There will be a significant number of trees removed - this will result in a loss of open/wildlife areas - has the appropriate reports been carried out and are these available to the public?
7. Proposed development are 2/3 stories in height, how is going to impact on the existing properties with regard to privacy etc.
8. In the event of emergency vehicles requiring access to the old Exwick School site, what provision has been made for this.

We await your comments on the above.

Yours sincerely
Denise and Paul Stone

Ms W Whitton (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Fri 31 Jan 2020

See letter in Documents

Mr Mauro Tinchi (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Thu 30 Jan 2020

Being the resident in the area I object the proposal of the developments for Foxhayes and Middle Exwick school. None of them addresses accurately the problem of the increases vehicle number and traffic. Especially Higher Exwick Hill Road is walked by many children and adults attending Exwick Hights School. The road is already congested and there are no parking spaces. Vehicles are frequently inadequately parked. Although the proposals factor in parking for the habitants of the dwellings, the estimated number of cars will be much higher than provided parking spaces. That will lead to increase on road parking causing obstructions (emergency services, rubbish collections) and dangerous situations. Safety of the residents will be seriously compromised. It is also worth highlighting that overpopulated areas lead to increased crime and lack of open spaces only exacerbates that. There are no playgrounds in the area that are of the adequate quality and standards so perhaps chance of investing in one and preserving the existing trees and nature, which ensures healthy, unpolluted ambient. I have also concerns about the capacity of the doctor surgeries, nurseries, school and community centre. All being very stretched up to the maximum capacity (especially doctor practices with long waiting times and no ad hoc appointments being available), therefore more dwellings will significantly cause more disruption. Eventually need to mention loss of privacy for occupants of bungalows as the proposed fencing is not addressing issue for the potentially planned development.

Mrs Diane Chamberlain (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Thu 30 Jan 2020

I object to the proposal of Livewest building 31 new homes on the elevated Foxhayes site as I believe it is out of keeping with the surrounding buildings, which are predominantly single storey bungalows and their privacy would be very much compromised. Instead of family homes why not provide much needed single storey accommodation for over 55 year olds or disabled clients, which would be more in keeping with surrounding residential area and free up 2/3 bed accommodation for families, and would have a lesser impact on the already overstretched infrastructure of Exwick.
The infrastructure of Exwick is already struggling to keep pace with the growth of Exwick, the school and surgeries are already working to full capacity, the main roads in and around Exwick are often gridlocked by careless parking especially around the junction of Rowan Way and Winchester Ave near Tesco's. Parking in Gloucester Rd near the proposed Exwick Middle School development at school run time is a nightmare, if a house caught fire during that period the fire service would be unable to get near due to the inconsiderate parking of parents. The development on both sites will also have a great impact on the on street parking especially during the building stages with the delivery lorries and workmens' cars / vans etc, in the surrounding roads, causing friction among the existing residents of Gloucester Rd, Truro Drive, Cypress Drive and Pine Avenue, and this will continue with the ever growing numbers of cars that come with the new homes.
Developers are notorious for wanting to make as much money as they can, even after planning has been approved, revising their existing plans to accommodate more residences at the detriment of the infrastructure and neighbourhood.
Where are our Green spaces and play parks? We are being told to keep ourselves and our children active and exercise, play outside in the fresh air for a healthier lifestyle not stuck watching TV or playing games on computers but where can we go if the green spaces/ play parks are being built on and the wildlife habitats are being destroyed in the process.

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