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19/1712/RES | The construction of 43 dwellings with associated gardens, parking and landscaping with vehicular access from Gloucester Road via Higher Exwick Hill. (Approval of Reserved Matters of Access, Appearance, Landscaping, Layout and Scale pursuant to planning permission reference 17/1788/OUT granted on 7th January 2019). | Former Exwick Middle School Exwick Hill Exeter Devon EX4 2BG
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Mr Robin Peto (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Mon 16 Mar 2020

I wanted to drop you a quick email about my concerns for the access of the development. I'm in no way against the plans and think this type of housing is greatly needed. I directly back into the site and also was a pupil of the school so have seen the site in all it's stages. Sadly left for too long. The plans themselves are ok and I trust the housing association and the councils planning on this matter all but the single and dangerous access on Gloucester Road. This has to be addressed or someone will get seriously injured and traffic chaos will ensue. It's not a question of if but when. Another access point or one way via Haytor drive will alleviate much of the strain this development will cause. Please look into this and let me know what you think.
Kind regards
Rob Peto

Mr David Ellis (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Mon 17 Feb 2020

We are appalled to learn of these proposals. The thought that those lovely trees which we look at every time we look out of our windows are to felled and replaced with high rise properties is anathema to us.
It seems to us that the developer is bent upon filling in the last open spaces in this concrete jungle. Better improve the sites with grass and seating so that folk can sit, enjoy the extensive views and benefit from a sense of wellbeing.
There is already far too much traffic in the area and medical facilities are overstretched.

Mr David Brooks (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Mon 17 Feb 2020

I wish to register objections to the above applications as follows:

1 The layout of both developments are compact and crowded and whilst allowance seems to be made for one vehicle per house it is unlikely that that allowance will not be exceeded in time at most of the properties.
2 Even with no growth in traffic beyond one car per house the increase in traffic from the estate into the city will severely impact upon the already very congested access points, across the Red Cow Crossing at St Davids and onto the circulatory system
at Exe Bridges.
3 The exit for either of the estates is onto Gloucester Road which at the Foxhayes School site access is a bus route and for the whole of its length past both site entrances suffers domestic parking along the carriageway and considerable additional traffic
and parking at school start & finish hours.
4 A considerable number of children also walk to and from school and all the additional traffic from the estate will add to the road dangers that the children already face.

There are a goodly number of other matters that I could list but in my opinion the traffic issues as outlined above are the most critical. I therefore request that further consideration on those matters are given.

David Brooks

Mr Gerald Crook (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Wed 12 Feb 2020

Objection - 27/5: See documents for letter
Objection - 14/2: See documents for letter
Having been a resident on Gloucester Rd. for more than Forty years you will appreciate perhaps that I have a reasonable knowledge of the immediate area of the positives and negatives that have come to pass over the years.

I am therefore writing to put on record the serious concerns I feel have to be expressed for public safety and in particular Child Safety with regard to the proposed access into and out of the Old Exwick Middle School site.

As I understand it the access point is to be at the junction of Gloucester Rd. Liverpool Hill - Higher Exwick Lane and the Main Entrance to Exwick Heights School

This, as you may or may not know is already a VERY congested area and if this proposal goes through with the inevitable increased traffic flow it will invariably bring, the outcome will be AN ACCIDENT WAITING TO HAPPEN.

Yours concerned
Gerald H Crook

Mr And Mrs Paul And Denise Stone (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Wed 12 Feb 2020

It was extremely disappointing to read of the density of the proposed development of the above two sites. Whilst appreciating these would be built on, we are concerned that enough thought as been given to the following points:

1. Insufficient parking spaces - 74 houses are going to create at least another 74 cars and in all probability a lot more.
2. There will obviously be a significant increase in traffic volume in/out and around Exwick.
3. Outline Planning failed to address the traffic problems in and out of Exwick given the train crossing and river. In our opinion it is bad enough as it is, without a further increase in traffic.
4. Gloucester Road, Higher Exwick Hill and Burrator Drive are used by children going to and from school - there are problems with people not only parking inconsiderately but also the speed at which cars are being driven around these roads now and this is only going to be exacerbated.
5. Local amenities are already over-stretched ie Doctors surgery/school.
6. There will be a significant number of trees removed - this will result in a loss of open/wildlife areas - has the appropriate reports been carried out and are these available to the public?
7. Proposed development are 2/3 stories in height, how is going to impact on the existing properties with regard to privacy etc.
8. In the event of emergency vehicles requiring access to the old Exwick School site, what provision has been made for this.

We await your comments on the above.

Yours sincerely
Denise and Paul Stone

Mr Warren Pickles (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Wed 12 Feb 2020

Cycle Parking
We welcome the proposed mixed provision across the development. However the lack of detail about where each type will be installed and how shared use facilities will be located and accessed makes it difficult to comment on its usefulness and security.

The documentation refers to improvements for walking access and transit across the site. There is no discussion about how cycling will be
provided for in those arrangements. Consideration should be given top
how safe cycling can be facilitated by incorporating safe cycle paths
alongside or in addition to the suggested walking routes across the
complete site.

Where Higher Exwick Hill may have been used for cycle access to
Gloucester Road the new road and pavement layout will obstruct that
provision. Consideration should be given to how that new layout can
facilitate safe cycling and maintain a usable route.

On the basis of the above, Exeter Cycling Campaign cannot support the
application and would welcome the opportunity to discuss with the
developer how the design could be improved to provide better provision
for cycling.

Kind regards,

Warren Pickles
for and on behalf of:

Mr Andrew Grey (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Sat 01 Feb 2020

I wish to object to this proposed development.
There are a number of issues that are not addressed within the proposal:
The density of housing is not in keeping with the surrounding area.
The style of the proposed properties (multi-storey town houses) is completely out of character with those in the surrounding area.
Adequate consideration has not been given to privacy between the proposed buildings or to existing neighbouring housing. Fences will do little to help, given the slope of the site.
Whilst efforts have been made to provide sufficient parking, it is my experience that any under-house parking soon becomes used for storage particularly when properties are crammed together and as a result, this scheme will cause further parking problems in and around the area. What will stop owners from using the under-house parking for storage or converting the parking into another bedroom?
The access to & from the site is narrow and is one of the main pedestrian routes to access Exwick Heights primary school. There needs to be consideration for traffic and pedestrian separation - particularly as a number of those pedestrians will be children. Exwick Lane was closed to traffic for precisely this reason, yet this proposal looks to do the opposite. Child safety should be a top priority.
The area is already severely congested at school times & adding this many properties will cause complete grid-lock at the school junction.
Access in and out of the Exwick area is already at breaking point. A development of this size in this area should be subject to sorting out the access problems over the river & rail crossing. This level of development will turn what is currently a traffic nightmare into complete traffic hell.
Our local amenities are already overstretched what provisions are being included with this development to provide better parking at the local shops & increased capacity at both Exwick Surgery and Exwick Heights Primary school?
We need more open green spaces and trees within the city. Places where we can relax and where our children can play. This development looks to be removing a number of trees and removes the possibility of what could be nice park areas.
Development in the Exwick area needs to adequately consider existing housing, access, parking, local facilities and, given the slope of the site, privacy - this proposal does not address these issues.

Mrs Sue Pritchard (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Fri 31 Jan 2020

I wish to object.
The site is too small for 43 houses. A smaller development if no more than 20 houses would be more acceptable.
The area cannot cope with extra traffic and parking problems. Not enough parking has been allocated and I fear more cars will be parking on neighbouring roads.
The only access onto the site is at the Gloucester Road ,Higher Exwick lane junction which is already very congested at school drop off and pick up.
Exwick lane is very narrow for cars. It is barely wide enough for one car let alone cyclists and pedestrians all trying to utilise the road / junction.
Perhaps cars exiting the site should turn right onto Exwick lane to reduce the traffic problem on Gloucester rd.
I notice the substation appears to be partly within the tree protection area. The substation cannot be built on the construction exclusion zone.
I trust the tree protection barrier will be erected prior to construction commencing so that vehicles or machinery do not cause damage to the tree protection area.

Mr Peter O'Rourke (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Fri 31 Jan 2020

The area of the proposed development is already jam-packed with houses and vehicles, and Gloucester Road is especially busy given the location of the large primary school. While I do not object to the development of some new housing I think this needs to be done in moderation, with consideration to the needs of the community and with due sensitivity to the natural environment. Rather than pushing forwards with a profit-driven agenda of fitting in as many units as possible, any development should consult with the local neighbourhood about the needs of the community and establish how any development can contribute to enhancing life in Exwick, both for current residents and for anybody living in any new developments. Traffic and decent sized houses and gardens are of course a part of this, but other things need to be considered, including bus routes, parks, allotments, doctor's, shops, nurseries, schools, sports facilities, community spaces and local businesses.

Just last year, the council consulted the community on the proposed closure of several parks and green spaces across Exeter, including in Exwick. Thankfully it appears the council rowed back from that position, but they should go further, by ensuring these spaces are not only protected but are invested in and cared for. Any new developer should contribute to the upkeep and renewal of playgrounds, play spaces, green spaces, tree planting and the general improvement of the natural environment for the enjoyment of the residents and to support wildlife.

In the area of the proposed development there are many trees which support an abundance of wildlife including birds, bats and insects. It would be a travesty for these to all disappear just to build as many houses as possible in the space allotted. The council should also be looking at ways it can enhance the environment in Exwick for the local wildlife.

Any new development must minimise the impact of the construction on trees and wildlife and on the lives of the people living in the local community. A commitment to providing adequate green spaces and gardens for residents is also imperative.

Mrs Laura Sacre (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Fri 31 Jan 2020

We object to the proposed plans for the housing developments in Exwick.
There already is a big problem in the area with traffic and parking, which during school hours is horrendous and unsafe. Adding all these properties would only increase this problem and make it more unsafe for everyone. There also doesn't seem to be adequate parking spaces on the sites, most families have 2 or 3 cars plus work vans, and then add visitors; where will all these vehicles park. There already is parking on paths, blocking driveways, difficulties for people walking and emergency vehicles.
We have concerns regarding potentially being overlooked as the plans are for 2 / 3 storey properties.
The local amenities would not be able to cope with the proposed number of properties; GP surgeries would not be able to run sufficient services with the amount of new patients to register. Can the school take on more children.
We also have concerns regarding the sub-station and the noise levels.
We feel that Exwick needs more green spaces, but also there is more of a need for single storey properties for people who would like to downsize but not more out of the area.

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