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22/0589/FUL | Installation of glass screens and parasols for external seating area (retrospective). | Venezia Exeter 61 Waterside Exeter Devon EX2 8GY
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Delegation Briefing List

Consultation Date: Tue 31 May 2022

Heritage Officer - ECC

Comment Date: Mon 30 May 2022

I have considered the revised application 22/0589, Bar Venezia and have the following advice to offer:
My original advice on the previous iteration of the scheme was that the introduction of a large permanent structure in this location interrupted and eroded the wider open character of the Conservation Area. This characteristic of the historic quayside should be protected as once it is compromised it is irretrievable; the previous scheme effectively introduced a solid structure when fully deployed in an area which we have protected from such development.

In my opinion the amended scheme reduces the negative effect by allowing through-views; the reduction of the glass wall and supporting frame introduces a significant alleviation of the massing effect. The harm is therefore now likely to be below the threshold for refusal that would be sustainable at appeal. The umbrellas represent the maximum coverage allowable, their negative contribution to the overall impact of the scheme is due in part to the unfortunate colour choice which amplifies their presence beyond what could have been achieved with the same meterage, similarly the concrete plinth is a missed opportunity to introduce a more historically sympathetic material, however the quay has a an existing mix of sets and pavers with an as yet unestablished defining palate.

Whilst elements of the scheme are unfortunate it is recognised that the overall structure is of a high quality and represents a significant investment on behalf of the applicant, my advice therefore is that the negative effect of the revised scheme upon the conservation area is below the refusal threshold of significant harm. Consequently the application can achieve consent if the LPA is minded to do so within the wider planning framework.

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