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20/0714/FUL | Construction of 3 no. terraced dwellings with access, parking, landscaping and associated works. | Land Adjacent To 26 St Albans Close Exeter Devon EX4 2NE
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Ms J Porrett (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Wed 22 Jul 2020

I wish to add a comment with reference to Alex Bulleid's 'recommendations' in one of the documents attached from ECC Environmental health.
The measures he has suggested will not only be IMPOSSIBLE to adhere to, due to the natural layout of the local landscape (we can often hear what's being said in gardens in gloucester road, for example!), but the hours of building being during normal office working hours isn't appropriate for an area where many night shift workers live.
It has also failed to take into account the recurring issues with water and flooding, it may look fine in the summer, but new springs are appearing each year and have caused damage and disruption already, churning up and removing vegetation/land drainage in the scale proposed in this area will only make matters worse. It's one thing to promise measures have been taken, but quite another to ensure they are effective, and these issues will continue into the long term, not just as the three houses are being built.

Comment submitted date: Tue 14 Jul 2020

This current application goes against everything that recommended the first planning proposal attached to this property for one additional house; rather than completing the pair, fitting in with the surrounding properties, and being easily accessible from St Alban's close, these three storey houses will look out of place, cause privacy issues, and create an even more dangerous and overcrowded parking situation for Chelmsford road.
The road itself is often crossed and played on by children and families, and every night the parking situation is so overcrowded that cars are even in the turning circles, which causes issues not just for residents but food delivery vans (now important for several residents here more than ever) - an additional entrance onto Chelmsford road could cause further significant safety issues, especially as people inevitably don't use their garages to park their car, or have more than one per household - a drive down Gloucester road in the evening makes that very clear.
There is good reason for properties not being built on this area in the first instance, not least water table issues that have caused flooding, the diversion of natural springs and other water service issues to properties here in the past on the already overdeveloped land.
No provision has been made or even mentioned on how they will preserve the natural screening to the side of the properties, comprised of grassland (protected), hedgerows and mature trees. At the moment it is a habitat for 2 species of bat, an entire family of tawny owls, lesser spotted woodpeckers, many species of bee and several types of butterfly including marbled whites and silver washed fritillaries (typically these are restricted to meadows and woodland because of a lack of hedgerow corridors). It is an important and dwindling biodiverse habitat, and as trees have already been cut down to add light whilst removing screening for neighbouring properties it would seem this is in danger of happening again.
In terms of the houses themselves, the three storey properties that are located in the area don't intrude on the privacy of neighbouring houses as they are set down a level at the bottom of the valley and/or screened with mature trees; the valley acts as an 'amphitheatre' and noise travels very far indeed, another reason why the houses up the hill on st Alban's close were built further back and screened with landscaping, and presumably why many of the houses here are not built 'face to face' but on a curve.
(The noise from building works will also therefore be amplified, and will certainly make it impossible to work effectively from home as many of use are having to do).
I trust the Council will take into consideration all of these serious issues and concerns.

Mr David Harman (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Thu 16 Jul 2020

Objection - See saved letter in Documents

Miss Sindy Whittaker (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Thu 16 Jul 2020

Objection - See letter in Documents

Mrs Donna Walch (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Thu 16 Jul 2020

Objection - See letter in Documents

Mr Patrick Carden (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Thu 02 Jul 2020

On Chelmsford Road there are no 3 storey dwellings. The current 3 storey dwellings that are located in the area do not intrude on the privacy of neighbouring properties because they are set down a level at the bottom of the valley or screened by mature trees, as in the case of Gloucester road. Chelmsford road consists of modest 2 storey house with shallow pitched roofs.

Currently the land also provides good landscape screening towards both sides of Chelmsford Road - the new proposal is intrusive, there are more than 15 large windows and 2 full height glazing panels facing Chelmsford road. The glazing is not in proportion with the rest of the properties in the road which have smaller and modest windows, going against all the features that recommended their previous permitted application 19/1471/FUL. Additionally there has been no mention of safeguarding the current trees and hedgerows forming this screening, which currently provide a protected biodiverse habitat for various wildlife including Owls and Bats.

Parking is extremely limited along Chelmsford Road. When parking spaces run out, the turning area at the bottom of the road by my house is blocked every evening with residents parking cars in it.

Although the application in question provides 2 spaces per dwelling with 1 space being a small garage, that almost certainly won't be used for parking. The 3 Story dwellings in Gloucester road mentioned in the application also have a small garage, they are never used and the wider Gloucester road is also full of parked cars causing congestion and safety issues with traffic unexpectedly forced into a single lane.

In summary my concerns relate to a serious breach of privacy, over intrusive development for the area, which was not included in the original layout of the road for good reason and changes to the function and layout of Chelmsford Road including parking issues. I trust the Council will take into consideration these serious concerns and back an objection to this planning application.

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